Travel to Thailand

A VALID visa or re-entry permit will be required in order to apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE). You can apply online at

How to apply for visa? – Check your purpose of visit here

Remark: Visa and COE are processed separately. Having a visa does not guarantee to obtain a COE.

visa - purpose of visit

• All COE applicants are required to apply online at


(1) Applicant registers and uploads visa and initial required documents via the website.

(2) First assessment: wait for pre-approval (within 3 working days) 

(3) Applicant uploads flight and ASQ/ALQ/GQ confirmation
(Please upload the confirmation letters online within 15 days, otherwise the applicant requires to re-apply the visa and documents again.)

(4) Second assessment: wait for final approval (within 3 working days) 

(5) COE approved: applicant prints the COE from the website in color.

Important Notice:

1. Applicant MUST submit COE application at least 7 working days before departure date.
2. Upload flight and ASQ confirmation at least 3 working days before departure date.
3. An overall process will take 5 to 15 working days depending on the correctness of the submitted documents.
4. In case of providing unclear or invalid information/documents, applicant may have to re-apply for COE which will take longer processing duration.

Travelers enter Thailand by semi-commercial flights. For further details about semi-commercial flights such as operation schedule, airfares, and reservation procedures, please contact the airlines directly.

Semi-commercial flights 17 May 2021

The traveler will be requested to present the following documents: 

(1) Thai VALID visa / re-entry permit 

(2) Certificate of Entry (COE)

(3) Medical certificate attesting that the traveler is fit to travel* (Fit to Fly/Travel Health Certificate *No longer required after April 1, 2021.

(3) Medical certificate with RT-PCR method laboratory result attesting that the traveler is free from COVID-19 issued no more than 72 hours before travelling (see example)

(4) Confirmed booking of Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ/ALQ), Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) or Golf Quarantine with no less than 10 days of stay.
The travelers can book the authorized hotels via or check the list of the other authorized platforms here.

(5) Health insurance policy with a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 covering treatment and medical expenses related to COVID-19 during stay in Thailand. The coverage duration of insurance must be at least 3 months AND cover the entire stay in Thailand.  

*All documents MUST be in English or other languages with official Thai translation

(6) Download ‘ThailandPlus’ application before entering Thailand.

ThailandPlus Application

Please kindly informed that upon arrival into Thailand, the non-Thai visitors will be subjected to 14-days Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) with their own expenses and will be requested to comply with relevant disease prevention measures prescribed by the Government of Thailand.